The Film Group meeting in the Garden

Our Film Group meets every week through school term and we would love to welcome you to our friendly bunch of movie lovers. Have a chat with some serious – and not-so-serious – film discussions and enjoy a coffee in the surrounds of beautiful Avoca Beach; we’d love to have you join us. Our group is overseen be Award winning Photographer Elaine Odgers Norling who has been the facilitator of the Avoca Film Group Elaine since 2005. Her interest in film started in childhood with the Bette Davis films her mother loved so much and in the late 1950s' she was introduced to a broad range of alternate films through the Sydney University Film Society. In the 1960's she was part of a small team that chose films for the Sydney Film Festival bringing foreign and small production films to the BIG screen. She has continued being very active in the film world and will happily tell you that she saw over 200 films at Avoca last year! The Film Group meet: Every Wednesday - first session of the day. Every Thursday - first session of the day. Tickets are $11 and include a cup of tea or coffee over the discussion. For more information call the Theatre on 4382 1777 or contact Elaine: Story Blogs [1966 Overland UK-India] [Homebirth a personal History] SOME COMMENTS FROM OUR FILM GROUP! " I have enjoyed sharing the movies with other film group members it has greatly added to my enjoyment and understanding of each film." "Film Group has made many of the movies more real and personal to me, and I am sure to others". "I've really enjoyed being part of the film group and want to thank you for your input and work in getting a discussion going after each of the movies as well as your friendliness. It really has been great!" "It's been fantastic and made many movies more real and personal to me" "I have seen films I would normally have avoided only to find that would have been my loss" "Sometimes during discussion I think 'did I see the same film?' because other filmgoers saw it so differently. That's what makes film group so interesting" "I come to films by myself so I really enjoy and value discussion time"
Eliane Norling